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"Changes in scope and schedule can frustrate some contractors, but CTI has always been very flexible. No matter what I throw at them, CTI always steps up to the challenge."
- Joe McIlhinney, Granite Halmar Construction Co., Inc.

Bridge Deck Removal
Do you have a bridge deck removal project or a road-sawing project and need a bridge deck removal expert you can count on? Have you had a bridge deck removal contractor drop debris and pollutants into the water or live traffic below? Did your bridge deck removal contractor cut too deeply into the road and damage the supporting steel or did he not cut deeply enough for a clean pick? On the other hand, your bridge deck contractor may have been undermanned, under equipped or poor in his planning and execution of the bridge deck removal plan and thus not been able to keep your project on schedule. These are all serious issues to consider when selecting a bridge deck removal contractor.

Cutting Technologies has a team of bridge deck removal experts with three decades of experience adroitly planning and deftly executing bridge deck removal projects throughout the country. Cutting Technologies has proprietary bridge deck removal systems and equipment to ensure the success of your bridge deck removal project along with a large experienced team of bridge deck removal experts that can be called upon at a moment’s notice to dedicate the manpower needed to stay on or ahead of schedule. Additionally, Cutting Technologies has a large arsenal of specialty bridge deck removal equipment to ensure your project does not fall behind due to equipment outages.

Cutting Technologies technicians and demolition engineers are ready to assist you with not only your bridge deck removal needs but also all of your bridge demolition and rehabilitation needs, which include concrete sawing, drilling and breaking. CTI’s Bridge Deck Removal experts are happy to help you with your job whether it is total bridge demolition, bridge deck rehabilitation, sawing or drilling of columns, caissons, abutments, piers, substructures or any other bridge structure located throughout the country no matter how demanding the job may be.

For a free project consultation, contact one of CTI’s Bridge Deck Removal experts today by email at, or by phone at 856-456-2255.  We look forward to helping you.

breaking and removing a line of concrete median from a busy narrow bridge
By squeezing into a small space, CTI was able to break and remove a line of concrete median across the entire span of this busy narrow bridge, halting further lane closures.
robotic hammering reinforced concrete wall
CTI's FASTrack Process™ utilized round-the-clock service of robotic hammers to breach a heavily reinforced concrete wall during a brief plant shutdown.
in-house modification of Brokk robotic hammers
A special in-house modification to one of our Brokk robotic hammers allowed CTI to work under clearances as low as three feet, enabling record-time tear-out of this concrete ceiling.


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