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"(The CTI) team worked with us to bring innovation to the work scope... (and) performed safely, with first-time quality, ahead of schedule and under budget."- A.T. Morrow, Bechtel

1. Diamond Wire Sawing

  • Fast Sawing Minimizes Downtime
  • Flexible in Traffic, Restricted Access and "Live" Production Facilities
  • Precise Concrete and Metal Cutting

2. Slab Sawing, Wall Sawing & Curb Cutting

  • A range of blade sawing methods to deliver fast, precise and flexible saw cutting of concrete, asphalt, metal and stone.

3. Diamond Core Drilling

  • Fast Set-Up and High-Yield Production
  • Precision Drilling for Demanding Needs
  • Flexible Concrete Coring for Tight Spaces, Occupied Places
  • Deep Drilling

4. Robotic Hammering

  • Concrete Breaking at Breakneck Speed Saves Time - 10 Times Faster
  • Maximum Power, Miniature Size for Your Hard-to-Reach Jobs
  • Low Disruption, High Production Keeps You Up & Running
  • Remote operations for Dangerous Situations

5. Floor & Surface Preparation

  • "On-the-Level" with Smooth, Safe Slabs
  • Texturing for Safety and Style
  • A Better Cleaning For A Better Coating


Diamond Wire Sawing
Slab Sawing, Wall Sawing & Curb Cutting
Diamond Core Drilling
Robotic Hammering
Construction Cutting Technologies
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