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Fast Response and Production Sets Millwrights Back on Schedule

Engineering Challenge
When project managers sought to return to service a long-dormant fossil-fueled power plant, they realized its raw fuel pulverizers and condensers would need to be replaced. This heavy machinery was mounted on a series of 4-feet-high concrete pedestals in the plant's basement. To accommodate new equipment, the pedestals would need to be cut flush with the floor and removed, leaving only a smooth-finished surface in their place.

The initial demolition plan was slow and expensive, and required a number of time-consuming steps that would take much longer than originally anticipated. First, a backhoe fitted with a pneumatic jackhammer had to be lowered to the basement floor before it could partially demolish the pedestals. Then, teams of laborers with hand-held chipping and grinding tools were called in to completely level the remaining concrete and produce the desired smooth surface. This entire process took three days per pedestal, plus the time necessary to remove the rubble. Given the slow progress, an alternative demolition method had to be devised.

The CTI Solution
Cutting Technologies' (CTI) Rapid Response Team™ arrived at the power plant within 36 hours of notice, and on their first day, just two technicians used our precision diamond wire sawing techniques to cut five pedestals clean from the floor, each in one easily removed piece. No further rubble was created, and CTI's diamond wire sawing system ensured that each cut was smooth and even with the basement floor. In all, CTI cut 12 pedestals and numerous smaller equipment pads in just four days, returning the re-tooling project to its original schedule.

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hydraulic saw cutting concrete floor
A hydraulic saw is set low to cute the concrete flush with the floor.
diamond wire guiding on wheels
Guide wheels train the diamond wire around -- and ultimately through -- each pedestal.
wire saw cutting
The wire saw's drive wheel is drawn back on its track as the wire progresses through the cut.

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