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Emergency Response, Fast Wire Sawing Clears Way for Decontamination

Engineering Challenge
Project managers decommissioning a research facility's nuclear reactor hit a major stumbling block - the equipment required to decontaminate the basement of the radwaste building could not fit through existing openings. Pressured by a tight schedule, the contractor had to quickly create an access hatch in the 30-inch-thick reinforced concrete wall.

Several demolition methods were evaluated. Jackhammers would be slow and costly, and more importantly, they would create a dangerous airborne contamination problem. Line drilling, or "stitch drilling", would work, but not quickly enough to meet the crucial deadline. Circular saws would also work, but they would create severe over-cuts at the corners, jeopardizing the structural integrity of the wall.

The CTI Solution
With one day's notice, Cutting Technologies' (CTI) Rapid Response Team™ mobilized on a weekend to get the project back on track. Our skilled technicians used CTI's diamond wire sawing system to cut an 11-feet-high, 9-feet-wide doorway that allowed free access to the site. The resulting 20-ton block was cut free and removed in one neat piece without creating dangerous contaminates or hard-to-remove rubble.

In just over one shift, CTI's diamond wire sawing team completed all set-up, cutting and breakdown, enabling decontamination work to resume as scheduled on the following Monday morning.

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diamond wire cutting
Gradually pulling the drive wheel back draws the continually circulating diamond wire through the cut.
wall block cut
The 20-ton block is cut and freed from the wall creating a clean, precisely sized access way.
thick wall penetration
The finished penetration through the 30-inch-thick wall measures 11 feet by 9 feet.

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