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Advanced Cutting & Rigging Plan Slashes Need for Costly Crane Time

Engineering Challenge
When a bridge on New York's Long Island was to be widened, the contractor needed to partially demolish it to prepare for the additional decking and supports. Since the bridge spanned a waterway, a costly barge crane would be needed to remove the bridge's deck, spandrel beams and pier caps. Given this expense, the contractor wanted to minimize the crane's onsite time, yet still demolish the structure in a timely and safe manner.

The CTI Solution
Cutting Technologies' (CTI) Advanced Engineering Solutions™ provided a cutting scheme that allowed all cuts to be made without the assistance of a crane or even temporary supports. Fourteen spans were cut free from the pier caps and left safely in place for later removal by a less-expensive mobile crane that was driven onto the bridge. Once these first spoils were removed, the pier caps were then similarly cut and left securely in place for rapid removal by a barge crane at a latter time.

CTI's diamond wire cutting system minimized construction dust, noise and vibration, and the smooth cut edges it created minimized the cost of joining the old structure to the new. In the end, CTI's methodical sectioning of the bridge allowed all cuts to be made in just 19 days, and sharply reduced the use and standby time of expensive heavy equipment.

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diamond wire sawing on bridge deck
A diamond wire saw makes a transverse cut in the bridge deck.
cutting wire on bridge side
Guide wheels train the cutting wire over the bridge's side and through a spandrel beam.
cut piece removal
The cut pieces are rigged and removed all at once after all cutting has been completed.
demolition pier cap removal
A section of pier cap is removed as demolition progresses.
removal of bridge deck and pier caps
With the bridge deck and pier caps removed across the entire span, the bridge is ready to receive the additional lanes.

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