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Diamond Wire Sawing Proceeds During Live Plant Operations

Engineering Challenge
Project managers retrofitting facilities at a nuclear reactor needed to cut and remove banks of electrical ducts and a missile-proof manhole. The duct banks consisted of electrical conduit encased in 3-feet-thick concrete, and the manhole walls and slab were 2-feet-thick, heavily reinforced concrete with trap rock and granite aggregate.

Complicating the removal was the need to partially sever one of the duct banks longitudinally, allowing the remaining portion to continue to service the active plant's crucial operating center. Given the sensitivity of the work and the exacting standards of the planned cuts, blasting and jackhammers were not viable demolition methods, and while circular saws could provide the precision needed, they would have required time-consuming excavation to gain access to the cutting surface.

The CTI Solution
Using our diamond wire sawing system, Cutting Technologies (CTI) achieved the surgical precision required of the cuts. A 30-foot longitudinal cut was safely made without disturbing the in-service conduit, and the other banks were similarly cut and removed without incident while the manhole was sectioned into large, 14-ton pieces for quick removal. Faced with the unyielding strength of the structures' aggregate and reinforcing steel, CTI quickly made the cuts with greater safety and in substantially less time than all other demolition methods.

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diamond wire saw cut the duct bank
Overhead view of a diamond wire saw as it makes the bottom horizontal cut in the duct bank.

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