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"Changes in scope and schedule can frustrate some contractors, but CTI has always been very flexible. No matter what I throw at them, CTI always steps up to the challenge."
- Joe McIlhinney, Granite Halmar Construction Co., Inc.

Concrete Scarification and Concrete Scarifying of Concrete Floors
Do you need concrete floor preparation to remove adhesives, epoxy, urethanes, mastic and glue? Do you have uneven concrete floors? Are the edges of your concrete floors not level? If you face these concrete floor problems, Cutting Technologies concrete scarifying services will:remove any unwanted materials from your concrete floor , and smooth the uneven areas of your concrete floor through our proven concrete scarification systems. Also, our concrete scarifying offers you effective concrete floor leveling service by dangerous high spots.

Whether your concrete floor problems include trip hazards that may result in a lawsuit that can be far more costly than the cost of trip hazard removal through reliable concrete scarifying services, or your concrete floor requires quick surface preparation for a new finish, once again concrete scarifying services are probably your best option for quick success. When selecting a concrete scarifying services company select a concrete scarifying professional who can perform concrete scarification services on a wide array of concrete surface problems, and can scarify concrete in a safe manner without causing new concrete floor problems, and can quickly perform the concrete scarifying so that you can move forward with your trip hazard removal concrete floor job.

Cutting Technologies concrete scarifying operators and concrete scarifying engineers are ready to assist you with your concrete scarifying, concrete surface grinding, shot blasting and all of your concrete floor preparation needs. CTI’s concrete scarifying experts are happy to help you with your concrete scarification job whether it is on a factory floor, walkway, foyer or any other structure located throughout the country.

Feel free to contact our Concrete Scarification experts today at either or 856-456-2255 for a free project consultation or for more information. We look forward to helping you with all of your concrete scarification needs.

breaking and removing a line of concrete median from a busy narrow bridge
By squeezing into a small space, CTI was able to break and remove a line of concrete median across the entire span of this busy narrow bridge, halting further lane closures.
robotic hammering reinforced concrete wall
CTI's FASTrack Process™ utilized round-the-clock service of robotic hammers to breach a heavily reinforced concrete wall during a brief plant shutdown.
in-house modification of Brokk robotic hammers
A special in-house modification to one of our Brokk robotic hammers allowed CTI to work under clearances as low as three feet, enabling record-time tear-out of this concrete ceiling.


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