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Construction Cutting Technologies
"Not only does (CTI’s) pre-bid consulting help us win more bids, their reliable service keeps our jobs ahead of schedule and under budget." – Steve Castelli, The Sullivan Company

General Construction
Dependable Selective Demolition for all Building Needs

Depend on Cutting Technologies (CTI) to deliver reliable, trouble-free service to meet all metal and concrete cutting needs. Many general, mechanical and demolition contractors regularly turn to CTI for fast, precise selective demolition services, including:

  • Diamond Core Drilling
  • Wall, Curb and Slab Sawing
  • Diamond Wire Sawing
  • Brokk Robotic Hammering
  • Floor and Surface Preparation

Reliable Service that's Prompt, Prepared and Professional
Our CTI-Certified™ technicians arrive on schedule and quickly set up all necessary tools and safety gear before going right to work. These fully-qualified professionals work with speed and efficiency, always maintaining a neat, organized jobsite -- for their safety, and yours.

Flexible Scheduling, Accommodating Service
We understand you have to organize the efforts of many contractors to complete your projects successfully. Given the potential for conflict, CTI provides flexible scheduling and accommodating service. You can rely on CTI to quickly address emergencies, seamlessly coordinate with other trades, and rapidly scale our manpower according to need - all in a concerted effort to complete your projects within budget and on schedule.

One Source, Many Solutions
Whatever selective demolition challenges you encounter, trust CTI and our Specialty Equipment Arsenal™ to overcome them. Armed with this expansive inventory of cutting, drilling and breaking equipment, our skilled service personnel are guaranteed to provide fast, precise service to suit all needs. Plus, the small footprint and remote operation of our equipment enables CTI to work in confined spaces and close to occupied and sensitive areas without disruption.

Featured Projects
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), performed for L.F. Driscoll
Topping out an existing hospital with two additional floors required inserting new structural steel down through the fully occupied wards and operating rooms below. To accommodate the dozens of penetrations this would require, CTI carefully pierced all 8 existing floors and expanded the existing foundations without disrupting normal hospital operations. All concrete cutting and drilling was performed with minimal dust, noise and vibration, and was completed in strict compliance with AIA ICRA guidelines.

Harrah's Resort Renovations, performed for T.N. Ward
After partial demolition revealed serious foundation deficiencies, CTI's scope ballooned well beyond the substantial amount of concrete cutting originally specified. By quickly deploying additional manpower and resources, CTI worked around the clock to successfully cut and remove 700 tons of precast concrete wall and poured concrete slab in just 17 days to keep the contractor's schedule on track.

MetroClub Condominiums, performed for a private real estate developer
CTI performed selective demolition services to aid this change-of-use project that transformed a commercial property into residential units. Scope included cutting dozens of penetrations through walls, slab-on-grade and suspended slabs for new windows, mechanicals services, duct work, elevator services, structural steel and a pool.

Private Botanical Garden, performed for Pawling Properties Associates
CTI carefully core drilled and wire sawed more than 2,500 tons of granite, and provided rigging support to disassemble, move and re-erect the stone for a massive landscaping project. Stringent containment of all waste water was required to protect the rock face's appearance and the delicate vegetation embedded in much of it. Read more about this unique selective demolition project.

Selective Demolition to Serve All Construction Needs
As a leader in selective demolition, CTI offers fast, precision saw cutting and core drilling of concrete, asphalt, masonry, metal and stone on projects of all sizes to meet all general construction needs:

  • Installation of Mechanical Services - CTI cuts trenches in monolithic slabs, and cuts and drills crossovers through foundations, walls and floors to install electrical wiring, data wiring and phone lines, plumbing and HVAC services.
  • Structural Additions and Alterations - CTI cuts and drills breakthroughs in walls, floors, suspended slabs, elevated slabs, roofs and steel pan decking to create access-ways and breakthroughs for stairways, elevators, windows, doors and structural additions.
  • Underpinning and Foundation Repair - CTI cuts and removes existing walls, slabs and foundations to install piers, piles and concrete caissons for foundation piering and repair.

CTI serves general contractors, construction managers, demolition contractors electricians, plumbers, and other specialty construction firms in every type of general construction setting, including:

  • Residential, institutional, commercial
  • Hospitals, healthcare facilities and pharmaceutical manufacturing plants
  • Cleanrooms in the scientific, high-tech and biotech sectors
  • Hotels, multi-residence high rise units and senior housing
  • Commercial, retail and office space
  • Utility plants and power substations
  • Stadiums, arenas, entertainment venues and recreational facilities
  • Prison, Military and Governmental Facilities

Contact CTI today to learn how we can serve your selective demolition needs on general construction, mechanical construction and demolition projects.

use of gas chop saw to remove a section of concrete fractured by lightning
Perched 400' up, a CTI technician uses a gas chop saw to remove a section of concrete fractured by lightning.
slab sawing to build a new pool
Slab sawing a large penetration through a suspended slab to build a new pool at an upscale Philadelphia condominium.
wall sawing a section of precast concrete
CTI neatly wall sawed a section of precast concrete to make room for a new elevator shaft.
wire saws preched on a ledge sever a large section of rigged granite
Wire saws perched on a ledge sever a large section of rigged granite that has been pinned with protective steel reinforcing plates.
Areas where huge sections of granite had been cut and removed
A large void showing one of the areas where huge sections of granite had been cut and removed.
simple gutter diverts cooling water from a core drill being used
A simple gutter diverts cooling water from a core drill being used to cut a cross-through for conduit.
doorway by wall sawing and removing this 20-ton block of concrete
CTI created a perfectly-sized doorway by wall sawing and removing this 20-ton block of concrete.
expansive area of concrete was wall sawed and removed
An expansive area of concrete was wall sawed and removed for a change-of-use construction project.

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