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"We have a long standing relationship with Cutting Technologies and have come to depend on them for many of our concrete cutting needs. We consider CTI a valued member of our team."
- Matt Shaw, Weeks Marine, Inc.

Refineries & Petrochemical Plants
Selective Demolition for Refinery Docks and Turnarounds

Cutting Technologies (CTI) supports general refinery turnaround (GRTA) and capital improvement projects by providing a complete range of selective demolition services, delivered on time and with an unwavering commitment to safety.

Controlled Demolition of Concrete and Metal
Numerous turnaround managers, industrial contractors and millwrights have come to rely on CTI for precision cutting, drilling, breaking, rigging and removal of heavily reinforced concrete and metal. Frequently performed tasks include:

  • Underwater concrete cutting to modify and repair refinery docks and mooring structures,
  • Severing heavy equipment and metal base plates to revamp process lines and machinery,
  • Cutting concrete cooling towers, equipment foundations and other structures to aid demolition and retooling efforts.

For complex, demanding jobs, count on CTI Advanced Engineering Solutions™ to provide the necessary planning and procedures to meet your refinery's controlled demolition needs. Along with our highly skilled crews, this best practices program can help you realize greater returns on your maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) investment by minimizing line downtime, attaining high demolition yields within brief periods, and by surgically removing sections of your process line without shutting down nearby facilities.

Schedule-Driven Work Completed on Time
With multiple process units offline and several trades working in unison under a tight schedule, your turnaround's success is only as strong as its weakest link. With so much at risk, you can't afford a subcontractor that makes costly mistakes and causes delay.

CTI's FASTrack Process™ employs advanced planning and a highly organized, schedule-driven workforce to ensure your critical path milestones are reached on time and within budget... plus, CTI's Rapid Response Team™ can mobilize at a moment's notice to address emergencies that would otherwise delay your mission-critical objectives.

A Healthy Respect for Safety
Although CTI's Safety Matters™ program provides all of our employees with a comprehensive safety education, it is their regular experience on volatile worksites like nuclear plants and petroleum installations that has instilled in them a genuine respect for safety and responsible jobsite conduct.

CTI maintains a large pool of technicians who have undergone site-specific refinery training, and our company is listed as a qualified refinery service provider in the DISA and ISNetworld databases.

Featured Projects
Valero Paulsboro Refinery, performed for Commerce Construction
CTI wire saw cut 300 feet of 6-feet-thick seawall for crane removal in four days. Salvageable sections of seawall were drilled through to install bank-embedded shoring anchors. Read more about this refinery selective demolition project.

ConocoPhillips Trainer Refinery, performed for Weeks Marine, Commerce Construction Corporation and S.T. Hudson Engineers
CTI has sectioned and removed over 1,000' of concrete seawall and hundreds of tons of concrete and steel mooring dolphins and barge docking structures to further this massive and ongoing dock demolition and rebuilding effort.

Chevron Pascagoula Refinery, performed for Structural Preservation Systems (SPS)
CTI core drilled 30'-deep anchor bolt holes down into the drum walls of a coker unit as part of an effort to increase its height and safe operating capacity. All work was carefully coordinated to not disrupt the unit's usual production volume.

Sunoco Eagle Point Refinery, performed for Commerce Construction
CTI drilled deep core holes for the installation of new bollards, anchors, mooring cleats and post-tension tendons, and grouted the post-tension tendons into place.

Concrete Cutting For Refinery Docks and Seawalls
CTI's expertise in diamond wire sawing and underwater concrete cutting can help oil terminal, tank farm and oil depot managers when repairing or modifying waterfront anchorage structures such as a refinery dock, wharf, bulkhead, breasting dolphin and mooring dolphin.

Selective Demolition for Petroleum Process Facilities
CTI can service your petroleum process facility shutdown or outage with precision and speed. Our selective demolition methods can upgrade, retrofit or modify such process installation's as your sulfur pit, pump basin, tank, furnace, distillation tower, reactor, pipe stand and pipeline support structures, and we regularly cut and break foundations, mounting piers and base plates for heavy machinery such as pump, motor and compressor units.

Contact CTI today to learn how we can help you with your refinery selective demolition project.

severed150 ton section of pier at the howland hook marine terminal
CTI severed this 150-ton section of pier as part of the massive rehab effort at the Howland Hook Marine Terminal.
diamond wire sawing to cut and remove howland hook marine terminal pier
Diamond wire sawing enabled CTI to cut and remove 550 feet of the Howland Hook Marine Terminal pier in just two days.
drill wiring to wire saw 290 tons mooring dolphin into 20 ton pieces
CTI techs drill wire access holes at a ConocoPhillips refinery in order to wire saw a 290-ton mooring dolphin into 20-ton pieces.
wire sawing for fast efficient removal of metal machinery
CTI's wire sawing service can quickly sever large sections of metal machinery for fast, efficient removal.
use of wire saw to reshape a concrete support
A wire saw is used to reshape a concrete support as part of a process line retrofitting.
clean, precise holes to install process machinery
Clean, precisely sized holes are made between floors of an industrial facility to install process machinery.
core drilling and grouting anchor rods in a sea wall
A CTI technician pre-stresses anchor rods in a seawall after core drilling their pockets and grouting them into place.
wire saw precuts sections of elevated slab
A wire saw precuts sections of elevated slab, leaving them safely in place for quick, convenient removal at a later time.

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