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"Outstanding service! CTI's team was methodical and well-organized. They worked with amazing speed and accuracy to complete all wire sawing exactly as planned and earlier than expected."
- Korie Bishop, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co.

Heavy Industrial & Process Industries
Selective Demolition for Process Lines, Manufacturing Plants and Process Installations

Knowing how important continuous operation of your production line is, Cutting Technologies (CTI) provides selective demolition services that will eliminate or drastically reduce outage time during your maintenance and capital improvement projects. Our fast cutting, drilling and breaking of concrete, metal and refractory materials can safely conquer any selective demolition challenge at a range of heavy industrial facilities, including:

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Steel Mills
  • Pulp and Paper Mills
  • Cement Manufacturing Plants
  • Mining and Minerals Processing Facilities
  • Chemical Plants
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Baghouses, Scrubbers and Pollution Control Equipment

Minimal Downtime for Mission Critical Jobs
Thanks to the small footprint and remote operation of our controlled demolition tools, CTI can often work without any disruption to normal plant operations. When an outage is inevitable, our FASTrack Process™ offers a highly skilled, schedule-driven workforce that will reach critical path milestones on time to complete your project on or ahead of schedule. Plus, our Rapid Response Team™ is always ready to address emergencies that threaten uninterrupted operation of your production line.

Concrete, Steel & Refractory Demo for Line Modifications and Maintenance
CTI's cutting, drilling and heavy rigging services are ideal for disassembling major equipment and machinery, and for precisely severing heavily reinforced concrete and metal structures at your production facility. Additionally, the remote operation of our heat-resistant Brokk robotic hammers is ideal for working in refractory and high-heat environments. CTI's expert technicians can break chemical-resistant and refractory masonry, clear out clinker and lime buildup, perform debricking and strip out refractory castables used to line a furnace, crucible, kiln, ladle, tundish or incinerator.

When faced with a complex or extremely demanding selective demolition challenge, trust CTI's Advanced Engineering Solutions™ to deliver the necessary plan, tools and manpower to meet your project's advanced needs.

Building Value with Safe, Reliable Service
Accidents increase cost while safety builds value. Given this simple truth, CTI has developed the Safety Matters™ program to aggressively manage risk and protect all personnel at your industrial jobsite. Combined with our attentive management oversight, it is the best way to ensure our safety-trained technicians achieve zero-accident performance on your project.

Featured Projects
Holcim Preheater Tower, performed for Structural Preservation Systems (SPS)
Project of the Year -- International Concrete Repair Institute
CTI core drilled over 100 holes through the structural beams of a 300'-high tower, all with less than 1" of deviation throughout the entire 110' stretch of each hole. In-house fabrication of specialized equipment and accelerated site operations slashed outage time and saved the owner nearly $30 million in replacement costs. Read more about this industrial selective demolition project.

P&G Paper Line Retooling, performed for Ronco Machine & Rigging
CTI diamond wire sawed concrete and steel foundations and floor penetrations then rigged all spoils to clear the way for new paper and pulp machinery. All work completed safely under the compressed schedule of a brief five-day outage.

Delayed Coker Unit, performed for Turner Industries
CTI mobilized under emergency conditions to revive a stalled construction project that sidelined hundreds of workers and placed project managers under intense pressure. A series of 60'-high concrete columns that were newly-poured but flawed were quickly wire sawed and removed in 10' sections, and their foundations were drilled to install rebar for rebuilding. In all, 1,800 tons of failed concrete was urgently removed in 10 days.

IBM Microprocessor Plant, performed for The Whiting-Turner Contr. Co.
CTI core drilled nearly 6,000 18"-diameter holes through 6" suspended slab for the installation of new machinery. All cores were caught and waste water was contained to protect existing machinery below worksite. Scope completed eight days ahead of schedule, securing a considerable bonus for the prime contractor.

Industrial Process and Manufacturing Lines
CTI's controlled demolition services can help retrofitting, line modifications and maintenance procedures that require concrete cutting and metal cutting to alter process pipe structures, and the foundations, bases and mounting piers for such heavy machinery as a compressor, turbine, pump, ID fan, gearbox, motor mount, chest, tank, boiler or furnace.

Foundries, Metal Processing and Steel Plants / Steel Mills / Steelworks
CTI's wire saws can quickly cut metal and concrete foundations, bases and piers to modify such heavy machinery as a continuous caster, rolling mill, cooling bed and mill stand, while the remote operation of our heat-resistant robotic hammers is ideal for clearing slag and refractory materials from your blast furnace, oven, ladle, tundish, torpedo car / torpedo ladle, re-heat furnace, chimney and smoke stack.

Pulp and Paper Mills
From woodyard to winding, CTI's fast, precise demolition of concrete and metal can aid retooling, repair and maintenance at every step of your mill's line. Our diamond wire sawing can cut and remove your debarker, chipper, digester and pulp chest, as well as all parts of your paper machine, including wet end components such as your headbox, wire section, hog pit / couch pit, and press section, and dry end items such as your drier, calendar and rewinder.

Contact CTI today to learn how our selective demolition services can provide value on your heavy industrial project.

53 ton pier caps wire sawed and removed for crane modification at WH Sammis Power Plant
A series of 53-ton pier caps is wire sawed and removed for crane modifications at the W.H. Sammis Power Plant.
Wire sawing of digester foundation for fast removal reduced outage time
Wire sawing of this digester foundation for fast removal reduced outage time at an International Paper mill by 20 percent.
use of a Brokk robotic hammer for quick removal of reinforced concrete sheathing
Deft use of a Brokk robotic hammer enables quick removal of reinforced concrete sheathing without harm to the underlying structure.
careful wire sawing and removing of smokesstack
CTI wire sawed and surgically removed this smokestack without disrupting plant operations or harming surrounding structures.
hand sawing and removing: best way to repair concrete cooling tower
CTI's hand sawing and removal proved to be the fastest, most cost-effective way to repair this concrete cooling tower.
fast replacement of critical line machinery by quickly sectioning stainless steel tube
CTI quickly sectioned this stainless steel tube bundle into easily removed pieces, speeding the replacement of critical line machinery.
cut and removal of 6' thick concrete slab
A 6'-thick section of suspended concrete slab has been precisely cut and removed to install new machinery at a P&G paper plant.
2 ton block cut free
The 2-ton block cut free for the P&G paper machine was quickly removed in one section.

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