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"Changes in scope and schedule can frustrate some contractors, but CTI has always been very flexible. No matter what I throw at them, CTI always steps up to the challenge."
- Joe McIlhinney, Granite Halmar Construction Co., Inc.

Robotic Hammering
Cutting Technologies (CTI) and our Brokk robotic hammering service delivers a powerful controlled demolition punch that is 10 times faster, safer and able to access virtually any jobsite with little or no disruption to its surroundings. In the hands of our skilled CTI-Certified™ Technicians, our robotic hammers quickly raze mass concrete and metal on a range of selective demolition projects, including:

  • Modifications to industrial production lines,
  • Demolition and renewal of bridges & heavy civil construction,
  • Interior demolition at confined space / limited access worksites,
  • Maintenance at refractory and metals processing facilities.

Concrete Breaking at Breakneck Speed Saves Time
When combined with CTI's FASTrack Process™ and Rapid Response Team™, our robotic hammering service has been proven to safely complete selective demolition projects up to 10 times faster than other contractors' methods, ensuring your critical path timeline and outage will stay on or ahead of schedule.

Maximum Power, Miniature Size for Your Hard-to-Reach Jobs
Wielding an immense controlled demolition force, our robotic hammering teams quickly raze even the strongest of concrete and metal structures with ease... and under the nimble control of our technicians, our small, lightweight robotic hammers can fit through most doors, climb up stairs and over debris - even be suspended from above - just to safely reach your limited access or confined space demolition site.

Low Disruption, High Production Keeps You Up and Running
Need to keep your roadway or production line operating at peak capacity throughout your selective demolition project? Not a problem with the CTI Specialty Equipment Arsenal™ and its inventory of robotic hammers. Our zero emission machines have a small operating footprint that is ideal for working close to live traffic lanes and process lines, or next to any other outage contractor or trade - Plus, our robotics can be fitted with powerful hydraulic crushing jaws that eliminate vibration, dust and noise at your sensitive jobsite. CTI's low-impact controlled demolition is:

  • Noise-Free
  • Dust-Free
  • Vibration-Free
  • Fume-Free / Emissions-Free

Remote Operations for Dangerous Situations
Hazardous worksites and hostile environments are no match for the sturdy design and remote-controlled operation of CTI's Brokk robotic hammers. Our safety-trained demolition technicians can easily access work under falling debris, inside nuclear plant containment areas, and in the extreme heat of refractory facilities, cement plants, steel mills / steelworks and metals processing facilities.

Contact CTI today to learn how our robotic hammering service can speed the removal of mass concrete on your project.

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breaking and removing a line of concrete median from a busy narrow bridge
By squeezing into a small space, CTI was able to break and remove a line of concrete median across the entire span of this busy narrow bridge, halting further lane closures.
robotic hammering reinforced concrete wall
CTI's FASTrack Process™ utilized round-the-clock service of robotic hammers to breach a heavily reinforced concrete wall during a brief plant shutdown.
in-house modification of Brokk robotic hammers
A special in-house modification to one of our Brokk robotic hammers allowed CTI to work under clearances as low as three feet, enabling record-time tear-out of this concrete ceiling.


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