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"CTI has performed safely on several high profile projects for Bechtel. The quality of their people and the training they undergo is revealed in their exceptional safety record..."
- Ron Beck, Bechtel

CTI Safety Matters™
CTI Safety Matters™ is a comprehensive approach to safety that ensures the success of our clients' projects by safeguarding the health and welfare of all jobsite personnel. It employs pre-hire screening, extensive training and a pervasive culture of safety and responsible jobsite performance.

Pre-hire Screening - Before being hired, candidates must pass a rigorous background check, drug test and professional experience review. Those who pass this initial evaluation must then be reviewed and approved by CTI's safety manager before joining our team.

Initial Training - New hires receive both classroom and field training that assures they are well versed in the CTI Safety Manual, the official document that details CTI's safe practices and procedures.

Continual Training - New hires and seasoned technicians alike continually receive training on all facets of safe operations and professional development. Instruction includes site-specific training, toolbox talks, weekly and quarterly classroom and onsite lessons.

Culture & Incentives

  • Employees are continually made aware of the value of safety, and those who perform successfully are given money, prizes and recognition of their efforts at several regular times throughout each year.
  • In addition to our experienced project management team, CTI employs a Safety Czar - a fulltime construction veteran whose singular focus is safety oversight and employee training.
  • The CTI SafetySCAN™ is a standard, codified process that enables our staff to regularly assess and overcome the safety threats they face in the course of their work.
  • Random drug and alcohol testing ensures continual compliance with CTI's strict Fit-for-Duty policy.
  • Techs who continually develop technical and leadership skills over several years and across a broad range of projects can attain "Class-A" status, becoming CTI-Certified™ Technicians.

Experience Modifier Rating (EMR)
CTI's emphasis on safety has resulted in a proven record of safe operations. Our workers compensation Experience Modifier Rating (EMR) is consistently superior to the industry standard, and we welcome inquires about our current rating and safety performance.

Contact CTI today to learn more about our safety program and exceptional safety record.

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