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"I trust CTI to arrive on time, work hard to give me what I need, and leave a clean, safe work site behind them."
- Nick Traviglini, Tracey Mechanical
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Diamond Core Drilling
Many general contractors, mechanical contractors and maintenance managers have come to know the speed, precision and flexibility of Cutting Technologies (CTI) and our diamond core drilling service. They regularly turn to CTI for core drilling...

  • walls, ceilings and floors for electrical services, cabling and HVAC,
  • pockets for anchors, post tension tendons, recessed lighting and fixtures,
  • slab and roadway holes for rebar tie-ins and dowel drilling,
  • headwalls, culverts and piping structures for plumbing modifications.

Fast Set-Up and High-Yield Production
CTI's efficient procedures and highly-professional staff can quickly drill large quantities of holes in steel-reinforced concrete, pre-cast concrete, asphalt, masonry, metal and stone... and with our FASTrack Process™, you're assured fast, problem-free service from start to finish.

Precision Drilling for Demanding Needs
Faced with a difficult concrete and metal coring job? Look to CTI's Advanced Engineering Solutions™ to deliver smooth, clean, perfectly-sized holes that adhere to your tightest tolerances and exacting specifications. Armed with our precision core drilling rigs, circular wire saws and stitch drilling / line drilling techniques, CTI's expert technicians can drill core holes of limitless size, holes with beveled sides, and holes with other complex, multifaceted shapes in rapid succession.

Plus, our Specialty Equipment Arsenal™ and its extensive inventory of coring bits ensures CTI can drill down to virtually any depth to achieve your toughest controlled demolition goals.

Flexible Concrete Coring for Tight Spaces, Occupied Places
CTI's concrete drilling teams regularly work in sensitive areas adjacent to fully-operational industrial plants, residential units -- even hospitals and healthcare facilities. They know the value of working clean and treading softly. Plus, CTI's diamond core drilling units can easily fit into limited access and confined space jobsites, and they operate free of vibration, noise, dust, fumes and exhaust.

Contact CTI today to learn how our diamond core drilling services can be a beneficial part of your selective demolition project.

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core drilling afor a new access hatch at wastewater treatment plant
CTI's core drilling makes fast work of a 6'-deep, 36"-diameter hole for a new access hatch at a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).
core drill hole  for a storm drain tie-in
The limited access in this deep ditch provides ample room for CTI to quickly set up and complete a 53" core drill hole for a storm drain tie-in.
expading and strengthening column foundation by drilling
CTI stitch drills 4'-deep sections of reinforced concrete footers to expand and strengthen a series of column foundations.
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