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"CTI never fails to provide exceptional quality. There's never a cost overrun, and my experience is always smooth and easy."
- Mike Heck, Naval Foundry and Propeller Center (NFPC)

Floor & Surface Preparation
Cutting Technologies (CTI) and our skilled selective demolition team provides safe, fast and highly efficient floor leveling and surface preparation service to meet all of your controlled demolition needs. With our Specialty Equipment Arsenal™ and its inventory of scarifying, scabbling, shot blasting and diamond grinding equipment, CTI can quickly strip, clean and re-profile porous and non-porous surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and steel...

And by removing only the thin contaminated layer of your floor or surface, all of our dust-free preparation techniques eliminate the need for further demolition and removal, saving you time and money.

"On-the-Level" with Smooth, Safe Slabs
Using our fast, fume-free equipment, CTI's surface prep technicians can level out high spots and uneven surfaces, eliminate trip hazards posed by curled slab joints, and repair spalling and surface damage caused by shock, weather and improperly cured concrete.

Texturing for Safety and Style
Knowing the value of a safe jobsite, CTI's safety-trained floor preparation teams can help improve the safety and appearance of your facility by:

  • Texturing factory and process facility floors for increased traction and stability,
  • Cutting safety grooves in ramps, walkways and loading docks at warehouses, terminals and shipping depots,
  • Adding profiles and texturing to horizontal surfaces for a decorative finish.

A Better Cleaning For A Better Coating
To ensure a good "tooth" for a well-sealed, long-lasting coating, your floor or surface must first be adequately stripped before sealants are applied. CTI's preparation methods provide a deep, thorough cleaning for maximum bonding and adhesion between your substrate and paints, adhesives and sealants...

And because our environmentally friendly methods don't use caustic chemicals or stripping agents, your surfaces are left clean, dry and immediately ready for coating, overlays or reconstruction. Rely on CTI's surface prep services to remove:

  • paint, stains and traffic lines,
  • oil, solvents and near-surface contaminates,
  • glue, flooring adhesives and epoxy coatings.

Contact CTI today to learn more about the value of our floor and surface preparation services.

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Leveling uneven surfaces and smooth floor joints
Shot blasting concrete at the Philadelphia Phillies' stadium to prepare for new concourse flooring.
textured floor for increased traction and reduced slips and falls
Textured floors increase traction and reduce dangerous slips and falls.
resurfacing guarantees strong coating adhesion and well sealed surfaced
Thorough resurfacing guarantees strong coating adhesion and a well-sealed surface.

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